Gaweł Biedunkiewicz, ZPOIA, ZOIIB, MRIAI. MScArch (partner)

Dominika Biedunkiewicz, ZPOIA, ZOIIB, MRIAI, MScArch (partner)

Marcelina Kuźniar, MScArch (associate)

Kamila Kobylczak, MScArch (associate)

Maja Pasieczna, MScArch 

Rafał Kapusta, BArch 

Małgorzata Suchecka, MScArch 

Consulting Engineers:

Adam Skibski, ZOIIB, MEng

Michał Słobodzian, ZOIIB, MEng

Piotr Majchrzak, ZOIIB, MEng


BIASTUDIO works in cooperation with a team of consulting engineers, designers and construction specialists with a broad experience in design and construction. The team is committed to provide exceptional services for a wide range of architectural projects.


Practice partners are members of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) and work in accordance of the RIAI standards and code of conduct.

All professionals employed with BiA are registered members of the Polish Chamber of Architects (IARP) or Polish Chamber of Consulting Engineers (PIIB).

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